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Student Fails to Tell Professor He Goes By Middle Name

by Colin Freilich Nominal Nuisance January 2015 Vanderbilt University sophomore Josiah Michael Morrison failed to inform one of his professors that he has preferred to be referred to by his middle name, “Mike,” instead of his first name, “Josiah,” for as long as he can remember. When Professor Michelle Ramos reached his name while calling […]


Vanderbilt Humans Only 8% of Campus Population

by Roshan Poudel Demographics Demigod October 2014 Just last week Vanderbilt University released data from the thousands of surveys conducted at the beginning of the year and one statistic stood out among the rest: humans comprise 8% of the population and squirrels dropped 3% from last year to make up nearly 92% of Vanderbilt’s population. […]


Decrease in Rand Sales Due to Dormitory Donner Parties on Commons

by Lily Williams Culinary Connoisseur January 2015 The onset of “Arctic temperatures” has caused a significant decrease in Rand Dining Hall’s sales, but not for bad reason. Students have formed a new dinner club, calling their events “Donner Parties”, and are hosting meals in their dormitories in lieu of traveling through the cold to campus’ […]


Bastard Confession

“Those girls were ugly as hell. Big mistake asking them to come on stage.” -The Chainsmokers


Companies Move To Business Model Based on ‘90s Nostalgia

By William Sox Nineties Ninja January 2015 Citing several recent studies, multiple companies have formed a new coalition, aiming to stimulate the economy and their sales as well by tapping into the almost pathological fetishism the average American consumer exhibits towards the period spanning from 1990 to 1999. “The group is very excited and has […]


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