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In this scene from the hit movie Jewception, Dom Cobbstein contemplates whether or not he is in a dream within a dream within a dreidel within a dream.

Miss Mary Beth’s Guide to Small Talk

Hello there. It’s been a while. I hope you have been well and that 2015 has treated you kindly so far. Above is an example of appropriate small talk for grandmothers, the elderly and most strangers. Effective and polite, this phrase has served me well for the past few years (as even in 2011 people […]

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Valentine’s Day Quiz: Was It a First Date?

No matter your dating situation – dating, single, or trying to break up with your freaky undead lover – Valentine’s Day can be a tricky time to navigate. Where do you find the balance between sentimental and sappy, between raunchy and romantic, between caring and creepy? We at The Slant are here to help you […]

Emma Watson - World Premiere of 'Harry Potter And The Halfblood Prince', London, 07/07/2009

Guest Writer Spotlight: J.R. Ridley

“Feminism, Equality or Affirmative Action?” By Kathy Yuan A heartfelt note to the author: We so enjoyed your satirical op-ed in last week’s Hustler that we wanted to spotlight it in our October edition, where we at The Slant feel it more sincerely belongs. Your pointed spin on such a sensitive issue was so subtly […]


Decrease in Rand Sales Due to Dormitory Donner Parties on Commons

by Lily Williams Culinary Connoisseur January 2015 The onset of “Arctic temperatures” has caused a significant decrease in Rand Dining Hall’s sales, but not for bad reason. Students have formed a new dinner club, calling their events “Donner Parties”, and are hosting meals in their dormitories in lieu of traveling through the cold to campus’ […]


Girl Has Two Labs in One Day

By Colin Freilich Science Sorcerer January 2015 Monica Jacobson, a student at Vanderbilt University, is enrolled Biology lab on Thursday mornings and Organic Chemistry lab on Thursday afternoons. This incident has created a firestorm of controversy that has resulted in the firing of a lab instructor. Jacobson commented on the situation before the instructor was […]


Junior Claiming to be Adult Forgets to Buy Soap Again

by William Sox Hygiene Henry February 2015 Roommates confirmed yesterday that junior Katherine Eaves, who as recently as winter break insisted to her mother that she should be able to stay out as late as she wanted on the grounds that “she was a responsible adult now”, has for the past five consecutive days, intended […]

Man Finally Finds Woman Who is Solid Ex-Girlfriend Material

Roshan Poudel February 2015 After meeting Carrie Dunham at a mutual friend’s party, Michael Dillon is convinced she will one day make a great ex-girlfriend. “I was kind of hesitant to talk to her at first because it’s only been about two months since me and Stacy broke up,” said Michael. “But as soon as […]


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