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Emma Watson - World Premiere of 'Harry Potter And The Halfblood Prince', London, 07/07/2009

Guest Writer Spotlight: J.R. Ridley

“Feminism, Equality or Affirmative Action?” By Kathy Yuan A heartfelt note to the author: We so enjoyed your satirical op-ed in last week’s Hustler that we wanted to spotlight it in our October edition, where we at The Slant feel it more sincerely belongs. Your pointed spin on such a sensitive issue was so subtly […]


The Natty Light Can

by Mary Beth Schatzman October 2014 so much relies on a silver Natty can glazed in rain water surrounded by white girls.

Obama Excited About New Drone Possibilities

by AJ Ballway Amateur Auteur January 2015 The White House released a statement early Wednesday morning stating it was planning on expanding the military’s drone program after the release of “Drone Boning,” a porno released by a New York-based company Ghost and Cow Films. “I believe this piece of All-American art presents a great opportunity […]

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Valentine’s Day Quiz: Was It a First Date?

No matter your dating situation – dating, single, or trying to break up with your freaky undead lover – Valentine’s Day can be a tricky time to navigate. Where do you find the balance between sentimental and sappy, between raunchy and romantic, between caring and creepy? We at The Slant are here to help you […]

It's Not Even Cold Outside

Vandy Student: “It’s Not Even That Cold Outside”

by Taylor Zhang Winter Whiner January 2015 For most students, the winter has produced terribly cold temperatures, sometimes too much to bear on the daily walk to class. But for one Vandy student, being cold is not an option. “What, you think it’s cold outside? I’m not cold. Not even close,” said Chad, an engineering […]

Man Spends Half of Movie Trying to Figure out Name of Featured Actress

by Bonhwang Koo Film ‘Ficionado November 2014 At a recent showing of the blockbuster hit Nightcrawler, Alex Terrell spent half the film trying to figure out the name of the actress who portrayed Linda, a minor character. “He kept tapping people around him, asking who the blond actress was, and what other movies or shows […]


New Site Revolutionizes Online Dating for Billions of Users

by Lily Williams Dating Dexter November 2014 A new dating website released less than a week ago has rocketed to the top of news headlines and twitter trends for its entirely ingenious offer: inter-species dating. is the first dating site to make moves toward a less exclusive and more accepting online community for those […]


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