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3rd grade come back

23 Year Old Man Finally Thought of Comeback for 3rd Grade Argument

by Alex Wolfe Comeback Queen November 2014 According to investigative reports, accountant Robert Montgomery has apparently finally thought of a winning comeback to an argument from 3rd grade. Now 23 years old, Montgomery has spent most of his life try to think of a response to the “major burn” he endured during this highly formative […]


by Dylan Teague November 2014 College has become a contradiction – The place I once loved and reveled for – Now I am under a certain affliction A jaded point of view challenges my core. Why do I continue with these classes? If it’s before 11, attendance is optional. Homework and projects, I say pass […]

Light Inside the Bubble

by Owen Akeley November 2014 I once met a girl Who held within her The most natural light. It shone bright through Every slurred syllable And stumbled step, The places she had been, The stories she had known, Everything she had become All visible, knowable Through the glimmer in Her glossy, blurred vision. In her […]


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