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Nashville Predators Renamed ‘Redditors’ After Team Sale

by Grant Paton Hockey Hacker January 2015 Ellen Pao, CEO of Reddit, Inc. and new owner of Nashville’s NHL franchise, announced at a press conference this Sunday that the team would change its name from the Nashville Predators to the Nashville Redditors. In an exclusive interview with The Slant, Pao explained her plans to get […]

Sound Check Guy Discovers Love for Stage

by Sarah Vollman Music Maniac October 2014 After checking the microphones at an outdoor music festival this past weekend, equipment wrangler Mike Sennheiser is still refusing to leave the stage. The sound check professional insists he “was born to be a star,” although he did not realize so until now. Reports claim Mike’s face started […]


Girl Has Two Labs in One Day

By Colin Freilich Science Sorcerer January 2015 Monica Jacobson, a student at Vanderbilt University, is enrolled Biology lab on Thursday mornings and Organic Chemistry lab on Thursday afternoons. This incident has created a firestorm of controversy that has resulted in the firing of a lab instructor. Jacobson commented on the situation before the instructor was […]


Bill Gates, Cofounder of Microsoft, Talks about Artificial Intelligence

by AJ Ballway Technology Terminator February 2015 American inventor and philanthropist, William Hendy Gates III is the world’s single wealthiest person at 59 years of age.  We convinced him to come to the office for a brief interview about his thoughts on AI. So Bill, what makes you think AI is not dangerous? AI is […]


SAE Creates GoFundMe to Purchase Campus Monkey

by Lily Williams Animal Activist January 2015 Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Vanderbilt has created a new fundraising page in order to attain a pet Rhesus monkey for their house and for the student body’s enjoyment. SAE is notorious for their profitable fundraising abilities, their most recent campaign being the effort to raise funds to […]


U.S. Politicians Promise Dealings in Middle East “Not Like Vietnam”

By Mary Beth Schatzman Military Model October 2014 Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest released a statement from the Obama administration that promised that “This Middle East business is not going to be like Vietnam. Seriously.” This declaration came in response to public criticism that the fear of terrorism, like the fear […]


by Scott Rogers October 2014 I met a hottie from an antique land Who said: “I know this guy who loves to bone Regardless of the girl. Near him, all around, Half-drunk, random floozies lie, whose frown And wrinkled clothing, and sneer of reluctant regret, Tell that their suitor was not that great in bed. […]


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